Monday, 23 July 2012

Chocolate Cupcake with Fresh Cream

Many times, i have try making cupcake but fail. I remember seeing a recipe from a blog called Anncoo. I follow the recipe and it turn out really well, moist and delicious. Preparation was less than 30mins. Because I'm using a very normal oven, the baking went slightly longer (abt 10mins more).

As i am just testing, i topped up with only with whipping cream.

Fresh Cream Topping
150ml Whipping Cream
1table spoon icing sugar

Whipping cream is so hard to handle, i failed so many times and finally get to know how to handle it. Now, i mix the icing sugar and whipping cream then put in the fridge for abt 15mins then start whipping.

Baking from scratch..

I started baking a few years back, always wanted to start a blog but am too lazy.
No baking class, no teachers.. i just pick my list from searching online for my recipes. Baking from scratch is fun, you lean a lot too. From only a hand whisk to now a cheap electric cake mixer and a normal oven is what i use now.